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UVA Rays: No Longer in the Shade.

Posted in sunscreen by sunscreensquad on August 4, 2008

UVA and UVB: How they affect our skin.

Image from Ultra Violet Devices Inc. Website -

UVA are long reaching rays which are not absorbed by the ozone layer. Exposure to UVA radiation can contribute to premature skin aging and eye damage. UVA rays penetrate water, fog and clouds, so don’t be fooled by thinking you are safe from sun damage on a cloudy day! UVA rays can also penetrate glass. Take a look at the following pictures from a study on the La Roche Posay, Anthelios website. This teacher was facing her class so that the sun was shining through the window onto the left side of her face. UVA rays were penetrating the glass and damaging her skin. Look at the difference between each side of her face after 30 years!

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Recent proposals for changes to sunscreen testing and labeling in the US will hopefully give UVA radiation the recognition it deserves.

Left: proposal for new sunscreen labeling taken from the US Food and Drug Administration website. Read more about it here:

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