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SunSCREEN vs SunBLOCK – different..

Posted in sunscreen by sunscreensquad on August 4, 2008

It is a shockingly widespread belief that sun cream gives you a super-human sun barrier. NOT TRUE!  It is an extremely important part of our skincare routine but certainly not a license to hang out in the sun all day long under the false assumption that we are safe inside an invincible shield

Basic things to know about sun creams:

*Sunscreen and sunblock works differently. Sunscreen contains chemicals which absorb UV. Some people may have an allergic reaction to these chemical absorbers. Sunblock is a physical sun barrier which deflects the sun’s rays. Active mineral ingredients in Sunblock are titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide.

*SPF (Sunburn Protection Factor). The number on the label is basically a guide to the amount of protection you should have from sunburn. For example. If it takes your skin three minutes to develop a sunburn, and you apply SPF 15 (15×3=45) it will generally take you 45 minutes to develop a sunburn. Needless to say, the effectiveness of a sun cream is relative to your skin’s own natural sun tolerance, HOW MUCH YOU APPLY and to the intensity of the sun (time of day and distance from the equator).

*SPF is a measure for UVB radiation only. There is now a labeling system for the level of UVA radiation protection. Look for the stars on the label. The UK is currently using a FIVE star rating and the US is proposing to upgrade labels to include a FOUR star UVA protection rating alongside the SPF.

*Don’t skimp on the application!-The SPF coverage depends on how much of the cream is applied. Apply a liberal amount to the skin In order to achieve the effectiveness of the SPF on the label.