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Nanoparticle Zinc Sunscreens.. BEST!

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Has anyone heard doom-and-gloom stories about the potential health dangers of teeny nano particles in their sunscreen? Well I have been concerned about that too so have been keeping my eye on a study by Environmental Working Group. Their latest report says that they expected to find some nasty issues with sunscreens containing nano ingredients BUT.. they actually find that nano products are much safer than any other sunscreen, and in fact they recommend sunscreens containing nano ingredients. As well as containing less harmful ingredients, they give 20% more protection from UVA than any other sunscreen.



Finally! – Sunscreen/Hand Cream by Hissyfit

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Handy Work


Well who would’ve thunk? A high protection sunscreen and hand cream in one! Ahh, finally…

Hissyfit are taking sunscreen to a higher level. Go here to check out their website to see some more fantastic products.